I WISH MY DEBUT FILM IS WRITTEN BY SALIM KHAN ” says Miss India Nepal Worldwide Garima Pandey

It is almost impossible to talk about the glorious history of Hindi cinema without highlighting the contribution of the iconic Salim Khan. In fact, it was because of his contribution in the film fraternity that aspiring actress & Miss India Nepal Worldwide Actress Garima Pandey expresses her desire & hopes that prolific writer Salim Khanwho redefined the tenets of Bollywood through his captivating screenplays, writes her debut film.



“He penned the narratives of several blockbusters such as Sholay and Zanjeer which are considered the most iconic films of the Indian Film Fraternity. I am sure it is every aspiring actress’s dream & wish that Salim Uncle writes the script of her film. A man of his stature will bring meaning and depth to every scene & dialogue which will be the perfect recipe of a blockbuster” says Actress Garima Pandey. “I know Salim Uncle for quite sometime. He has been a father figure to me and advises me about life & work. I am sure his advise will work for me in long run” adds Actress Garima Pandey. 

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