Ananya Panday Caught Smoking At Cousin Alanna’s Mehendi; Fans Say ‘They Preach Health, But Do Drugs’

Ananya Pandya, at her cousin Alanna Panday’s mehendi ceremony, was caught smoking in a picture that has since been deleted.

The actress was attending the event with her family on Tuesday, and in a photo shared by another guest, she was seen holding a cigarette. Although the picture was removed, a Reddit user had already taken a screenshot and posted it, causing a conversation to ensue.

“Was not expecting Ananya to be a smoker,” the Reddit user wrote while sharing the picture. In the photograph, Ananya was seen smoking in one corner while the other guests gathered to enjoy the wedding. The picture sparked a significant conversation, with many expressing their surprise and concern about Ananya smoking, while some others ridiculed her.

“Meri ananya aisi nhi ho sakti,” a user wrote. “Dimag toh nahi hota yinlogo ke paas. Sirf cool dikhna hai,” another remarked. “Crap, I didn’t know this. She is that beautiful and has such cute lips, can’t believe she is a smoker. Dang,” a third added. “I am actually surprised. This is a reminder that not everything is what it seems,” a fourth commented.

“It’s surprising because Ananya seems very health conscious. My guess is that maybe she does it to decrease her appetite. Perhaps as a way to keep her weight down? Or maybe she just picked it up during her party days pre-debut, but TBH I swear smoking cigarettes isn’t really a thing anymore with Gen Z,” a fifth stated.

“I hate people who smoke, it’s not a gender thing. I am talking about the health of the person and the people around them. Passive smokers also have the risk of many diseases. I have less respect for them. These stars (have) money and power to get treatment for the disease, but most of the common folks don’t have such things,” a sixth user shared, while another wrote, “Never buy into all the celeb health crap. They preach health, but do drugs, smoking etc. They talk about how they only use natural skincare only to have dermatologists pump them with stuff on a weekly basis.”

However, some people defended Ananya by stating that she should not be shamed for smoking simply because she is a woman.

One user wrote, “I mean you can be a health nut and still have vices. Addiction like cigarettes, alcohol etc are kept separate from the lifestyle. Have seen in many of my friends and outside of that circle. The thing is, it is not even about being preachy, something like this is judged by others, esp. for a woman. So I don’t think they would want to flaunt about it. Remember how Kareena’s pics from her stylists IG were quickly deleted.”

On Tuesday evening, Ananya Panday was seen arriving at the mehendi ceremony of her counsin along with Deanne Panday and Chikki Panday. The event was also attended by other well-known personalities such as Atul Agnihotri and Alvira Agnihotri, Chunky Panday, and Bhavana Pandey. The ceremony was held at Sohail Khan’s residence, and Helen and Salma Khan were also among the guests who attended it.

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