Art 35, a 4-day art extravaganza, hosted within 175-year-old historic textile millin Byculla,Mumbai from 14th to 17th Oct

Mumbai : October 2022: This, 14th October, Nine Fish Art Gallery, located within the
charming precincts of the 175 old historic textile mill in Central Mumbai celebrates and
promotes 35 young Artists from the Indian sub-continent all under the Age of 35! The

edition of the show exhibits paintings, installations, sculptures, films, videos, and
performances which are curated by Nine Fish Art Gallery in association with Dot Line Space Art
Foundation, at Byculla in Mumbai from 14th to 17thOct 2022. The inaugural ceremony was
graced by Renowned Writer & Poet Javed Akhtar. The 4-day art extravaganza has created a platform for contemplation, dialogue, enquiry, and collaboration amongst the art fraternity showcasing & celebrating around 200+ works of over 35 young artists exhibiting art in all disciples like paintings, ceramic art, sculptures, printmaking. The participating artists are from across the nation from Sri Lanka to Haryana to Karnataka to
Uttarakhand to Assam. The show also hosted enriching workshops, talks, screenings, stand-up
comedy and more. Several works of well-known artists like Dr. Madhuri Kathe, Sultana Khan,
Mohsin Hajoori, Dhanshri Deshmukh, Sandeep Bobade, Priyanka Tayal, Thotpot- a
collaborative Design Initiative, and more will be on display as well.
“The event aims to Create, Curate, Collaborate and Celebrate art in diverse forms. We believe
in bringing together different art movements as we try to bring the regional arts and crafts of
our country to the forefront. We aim to unleash each artist’s true essence with absolute
integrity through the varied art exhibits, distinct art residency program, art scholarship and
more during these four days in Mumbai. The Art Residency program during the event allows
out of town artists from across the sub-continent to swap ideas, philosophies, and technique,”
shared Gourmoni Das, Curator, Nine Fish Art Gallery.
Renowned Writer & Poet Javed Akhtar, shared, “Last few decades in India, we have progressed
in leaps and bounds. With development, the baggage of culture, art, literature was left behind
as we grew. Art is the need of the society. If you are interested in art, you develop aesthetics,
sense of beauty and that makes one a better person. I have high regards for the young people
who are here, who are finding art, literature, music on their own and they need to be saluted.
I am going home as a happy person today”.
The 4-day extravaganza hosted Art Workshops, Talks, Musical Events, Comedy Show,
Performances and Film Screenings to help enliven the exhibition spaces with conversations and
to create a carnivalesque atmosphere during the events.
The opening day hosted an enlightening talk on Jaya He, The New Museum at Mumbai
Terminal II – A State-of-the-Art approach to Infrastructure design by noted architects Tapan
Mittal-Deshpande and Niket Deshpande. An interactive 2-hour Animal Sculpture pottery
workshop session using stoneware clay will also be conducted by artist Batul Mamoowala. An
inspiring talk will be conducted by Dr. Yamini Dand Shah while speaking on Abstract
Oralism. The screening of the short film ‘Bubbles’ was followed by a Q&A session by Hesh
The second day saw several workshops like Raku Firing with Sandeep Manchekar of Anvi
Pottery, Artist Shardul Kadam will give a demonstration on portraits followed by Artists’
Presentation Talk by the Turya Group of Artists.
Several enriching workshops on the third day of the festival like miniature home décor pottery
by Neha Deshmukh which will attract décor lovers who can enjoy the art of miniature clay
décor with terracotta followed by a workshop on ‘Woodcut Printmaking’ by Yogesh Patil,
Sgraffito Workshop by Batool Mamoowala and & Vinita Mungi. Also, inspiring talks & artist
presentations by experts like Anjana Mehra, Ravi Mandlik will be held for art
connoisseurs. Prashant Prabhu & Anuj Daga will be giving an architectural talk on ‘The Art of
Spatial Representation’. The day ends with Stand-Up Comedy by 5 artistes.
The finale day will see a presentation and talk by Jean Blanchaert, an internationally renowned
art curator, contemporary art critic and gallerist from Italy. There will also be conversations
with L.O.S.T (Lots of Small Thoughts), an initiative by Thotpot, a collaborative platform for
design thinking. Dr. Punarvasu Joshi will also give a talk on Science, Art and the Bridge
connecting the Two: Creativity. The evening will see a session on ‘Chai for Cancer’ by Viji
Venkatesh, which is a fundraising initiative that continues to break barriers, hosted by The Max
Foundation (Max), a global health non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating health
equity. Renowned artist Prabhakar Kolte will grace the event on the finale day where the
scholarships will be awarded to the seven selected artists. Artists Arunanshu Choudhary, Vilas
Shinde will be giving Artists’ Presentations too.
About Art35
Art35 is an Art Exhibition and Event which celebrates and promotes Young Artists.
Art35 also holds Art related activities. The curatorial team at Nine Fish Art Gallery for Art35 has
over seven years of experience in the organisation and support of cultural programs and Art
Residencies. Since 2016, Art35 has been successfully growing and the number of applications
clearly make it a sought-after Exhibition as well as an Art Residency programme. Starting with
just painting and sculpture, today Art35 has expanded to include artists from other fields of
practices too. Art35 has since hosted and presented visual artists, performance artists,
photographers, curators, writers, sculptors, designers, media artists and more

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