Jyoti Saxena Unveils the Realities of Bollywood: “You cannot survive in the industry without a Godfather”

“It’s a harsh reality that no outsider says openly to survive in an industry that without a Godfather or without casting couch you can’t survive in the industry”, says actress Jyoti Saxena On finding work and proving worth

In the glitzy world of Bollywood, where dreams turn reality for many Bollywood actors, Actress Jyoti Saxena who has always been vocal about her thoughts and opinions sheds light on the harsh reality of Bollywood and finally opens up on how hard it is for an outsider to struggle and make a place for themselves in Bollywood industry.

Jyoti Saxena says, “My dream was always to be an actor, and even after juggling many roles, I decided to pursue my passion and I ventured into Bollywood. But in an industry like Bollywood, having a godfather is often touted as the golden ticket to success. But for those of us without the privilege of having a godfather the journey is very challenging, filled with countless auditions and endless rejections. It’s a path where hard work becomes your only companion.”

She further says, “Bollywood has always welcomed every talent with open arms, but the doors truly open only for those willing for casting couch or those who have a strong Bollywood connection or Godfather. Even to get that one single role, which also goes unnoticed most of the time. It’s a very harsh reality which everyone knows but no one is ready to accept.”

Jyoti’s words echo the sentiments of many aspiring actors who grapple with the harsh truth that talent alone may not suffice in an industry driven by connections.”I am happy that now the audience has started realizing and accepting real talents. I hope that amid this all even I get a proper screentime work where I can show my audience my acting skills and prove that if I am in this industry I am worth it.”

As Jyoti continues her journey in the world of cinema, her aspiration remains unwavering—to captivate audiences with her acting prowess and shatter stereotypes ingrained within the industry. With determination as her compass and talent as her armor, she forges ahead, determined to prove that her place in Bollywood is earned, not bestowed.

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