Love Story Of 90’s’ completes 95 percent shoot

Setting a movie in a specific time period, like the 90s, adds depth and nostalgia. Sangani brothers’ upcoming film, ‘Love Story of 90’s,’ (LSO90’s) taps into this sentiment, captivating viewers with its nostalgic charm.

The film is produced under the banner of Sangani Brothers Motion Pictures and is produced by the brothers, Haresh Sangani and Dharmesh Sangani.It is directed by Amit Kasaria.

When asked about the response of the fans for the film ‘Love Story of 90’s ‘ (LSO90’s)’ Amit mentioned, “It’s good to receive such an amazing response on the social media and also from those who know me personally however, I am more keen at the box office collection as I would be more delighted if this level of warmth which I have received from the fans gets converted into good box office number.I always had a gut feeling that the title of the movie and a clean love story will always have a special place in the heart of the admirers.”

When we questioned him about the title of the movie then he cited, “When I was writing the story of the movie particularly for my interesting characters Raj and Simran, I always felt that these characters cannot breathe until I give them the right platform and environment. They definitely needed the background of 90’s for their love to bloom.I came across this amazing idea to speak about the cult audience who are born in 90’s and have lived through this beautiful era.They have witnessed the zone of love of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Maine Pyaar Kiya.So, I thought to recreate that zone and the title of ‘Love Story of 90’s(LSO90’s)’ was the first thing that came in my mind and I knew it will certainly work.”

Regarding his choices of actors Adhyayan Suman and Miss Universe Diva, Divita Rai he said, “They both were my first choice.But, I was first going with someone else instead of Adhyayan nevertheless, l soon realised that things were not going as per what I was looking for and so I contacted Adhyayan and luckily he was available at that time though he was busy with other projects .So, I explained him about the character of Raj and finally, Adhyayan was on board.Technically, Adhyayan was my first choice, and Divita too was my first choice who did come as close as Simran”.

Kasaria referenced , “This love story or any other film is not complete without good singers and good music.When I discussed this matter with my producer Haresh Sangani who was very instrumental in bringing all the singers on board and ofcourse, Dharmesh Sangani who is the backbone of this film.The producers of the film helped me to get the best singers on board”.I had good back up of my producers and we as a team we were able to get big singers on board like Udit Narayan, Atif Aslam and Amit Mishra.They too joined hands with us as they could see the good content, good script good title and good vision”.

“We have completed 95 percent of the making of the film, one song and few sequences and shots are left to shoot.Hardly five more days of work is left.I anticipate to see the reels of the film by June or July mostly”, mentioned Amit.

When we asked the question to the director, that after many action movies being released in Bollywood do you feel love story is much needed to change the taste of the audience.So, he replied, ” That definitely is a catch, as there are many movies of different genres like thriller, horror and action films in the pipeline which are releasing during this upcoming year in cinema halls as well as in the OTT platforms.I have personally felt that one should do what he feels is correct and is confident of.I think and know very well that there are not many genuine love stories coming the way they use to come in the 90’s.So, I believed in this that if I will bring a good love story I will have viewers and I think my love story will be a kind of a breath of a fresh air as well as my producers were also very sure about this idea of having a proper love story.So, I had a clear notion in my mind and my producers too were in sync with me and my idea.Our producers are also very seasoned people, they know lot about cinema.They had the belief that if we bring love story in middle of action and thriller films, then we will be welcomed by the audience.Now, I am looking forward for the release very soon.Music too is amazing.We will soon be launching the teaser, trailer, songs and finally the film.I am confident that people will love it.”

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