Outer Banks actor Austin North opens up about arrest after alleged assault on hospital staff

Actor Austin North, known for his role in the hit series Outer Banks, is speaking out following his arrest for an alleged attack on hospital employees in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 27-year-old actor was taken into custody after allegedly assaulting several staffers in the emergency room at the University Medical Center hospital.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, officers responded to reports of assault and battery on Tuesday.

In a statement posted on his Instagram Story, North expressed deep regret over the incident. He explained that he was taken to the hospital by a friend due to what he believed was a heart attack, but was later diagnosed with a severe anxiety attack. He emphasised that tests showed no drugs or alcohol in his system.

North admitted to having little memory of the events at the hospital and stressed his respect for healthcare workers. He shared his struggles with anxiety and expressed hope that his experience would shed light on the disorder and offer support to others facing similar challenges.

“I am deeply upset by the events that took place in Las Vegas this past week. My friend drove me to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. Several tests were taken, including blood, which came back negative for any drugs or alcohol in my system. I was having a severe anxiety attack,” he wrote.

“I have very little memory of the events that day at the hospital. I have the utmost respect for healthcare workers and hospital staff. I have battled anxiety on and off for years and this was the most extreme panic attack I’ve ever had. Going forward, I hope to shed light on this debilitating disorder and send hope to those who have also struggled.”

According to the police report, North allegedly punched a nurse, shoved another, and pushed a phlebotomist into a table. The phlebotomist reportedly struck him in self-defence with a nearby tray. North was eventually restrained by hospital security and handcuffed to a gurney before being arrested for gross misdemeanour battery.

Prior to the incident, North had been in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. He documented his time in the city on social media, sharing videos of driving cars on a racetrack and attending various events.

North is best known for his role as Topper in Outer Banks and has previously appeared in the Disney Channel series, I Didn’t Do It and Kickin’ It.

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