Remembering a musical genius called- Kishore Kumar! On singer Kishore Kumar’s 93rd birth anniversary, singer Jasveer Singh along with Amit Kumar Ganguly, son of Kishore Kumar paid a musical tribute to the legend via a song titled “KISHORE”

It is a well known fact that, Jasveer Singh is an ardent fan of music maestro Kishore Kumar. So it comes as no surprise that he along with Amit Kumar Ganguly chose to pay tribute to Kishore Kumar on his birth anniversary and as expected it was a musical one. And, we are sure fans of all the three artists would not have had it any other way. KISHORE is a new song for Kishore Kumar with new lyrics & original voice of Jasveer Singh & Amit Kumar.

KISHORE, sung by Jasveer Singh & Amit Kumar Ganguly, depicts his glorious musical journey. Kishore Kumar left behind an unmatched legacy which Jasveer & Amit have portrayed in the song.

Amit Kumar Ganguly says “My father was a great man. His music is gold and evergreen. I would like to thank Jasveer Singh ji and Sanjayraj Srg for this beautiful tribute. I love the song, it is everything my father was”

“Bollywood had seen a golden era of musical renaissance during the 60s to the 80s. Our song KISHORE is for Kishore Kumar connoisseurs. It’s time to relive the golden days when music was life and soul for everyone” says singer Jasveer Singh

Singer: Amit Kumar Ganguly- Jasveer Singh, Music Director: Sanjayraj Srg, Recording Studio: Krishna, Lyrics : Dharmendra Ehsaas

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