Remote Access Fraud: In Search Of Bank Statement Online, Woman Ends Up Losing Rs 11 Lakh; Here’s What Happened

Online scammers regularly devise novel ways to dupe people in India. Among the most popular is the online part-time video liking and movie rating fraud that promises easy money with minimal time and money investments.

And in a fresh move, a new type of scam via remote access came to light, which duped a woman of Rs 11 lakh in Pune.

According to a Times of India report, the 40-year-old lady from Shivajinagar reportedly lost the amount to a fraudster online. The scammer managed to sneak into the bank account credentials via a remote access app on the smartphone which the woman installed. An FIR was registered by the Chatushrungi police on the application of the housewife.

After an online search, she discovered a helpline number, which she dialled for help. The person on the other end asked the lady to download a remote access application. Not sensing the scam, the lady did as requested and even shared the bank details, the inspector added.

Later, the scammer told the lady to view the statement from the bank’s official website. On the anticipated lines, the fraudster scrapped the money from the bank account. The police have sought details about the involved bank accounts and are investigating the matter.

It is recommended that users only reach out to helpline numbers mentioned on the official website of the bank account. In case of doubt, visit the offline branch. Do not download apps requested by people on a phone call, and avoid sharing personal bank details to stay safe. In case random transactions are being carried out in your account, report the matter to the respective banks and cybercrime officials.

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