Renowned Choreographer Ankkitha Maithy along with dear friend Vasim Shaikh Unveils “Artbeat Studio” – A Haven for Creativity

Ankkitha Maithy, an esteemed choreographer and visionary entrepreneur, proudly announces a successful one year of ”

Artbeat Studio.” Recognizing the vital need for a dedicated space to nurture diverse artistic endeavours, Maithy seized the opportunity to establish a sanctuary for creativity.

Teaming up with entrepreneur Vasim Shaikh, whose passion for innovation matched her own. The duo embarked on a journey to redefine artistic expression. Together, under their company, AMVS Greenroom Entertainment, they conceptualized and brought to life ARTBEAT Multipurpose Studio—a versatile haven where artistic dreams know no bounds.

Commenting on the Artbeat Studio, Ankkitha Maithy says ” Artbeat Studio is more than just a space; it’s a canvas awaiting your imagination. Whether you’re recording a podcast, hosting workshops, filming reels, organizing shoots, or curating pop-ups, Artbeat Studio provides the perfect backdrop for your creative endeavours”

Step into the realm of endless possibilities and unlock the full spectrum of your creativity at ARTBEAT Studio today.

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