Rishabh Bhardwaj to direct a film based on the life of India’s famous tarot card reader Harpreet Kaur

The feature film will be shot in Delhi and Punjab next year

Mumbai: A feature film on the life of India’s famous tarot card reader Harpreet Kaur will be shot in Delhi and Punjab next year. Famous Bollywood director Rishabh Bhardwaj will direct this feature film. Tarot card reader Harpreet Kaur is one of the most successful tarot card readers in India today and has taught tarot cards to around 5000 women over the years.

The budget of the film is around 4 crores. Renowned actors of the big screen will be seen working in this feature film. The film will be completed in about a month. The film tells about the struggles of Harpreet Kaur’s life. Through this film, a good effort has been made to show the status of women in the society and the problems in their personal life. There has not been any significant change in the status of women especially in urban areas. The film depicting the difference of thinking between the rural and the city is about the mutual relations of the family members. Director Rishabh Bhardwaj has directed many big advertising films and successfully directed TV serials. Talking to the reporter, Rishabh Bhardwaj told that when I heard the story of Harpreet ji’s ups and downs in life, why not think of an inspirational film on this. How to learn tarot, he made his unsuccessful life successful, as well as till date taught more than 5000 women to earn money through tarot so that they can stand on their feet, till now we can only know about our future through astrology. I could have known but Harpreet ji made a professional work out of it.

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