Shreyas Talpade credits wife Deepti for a second chance at life, shares, ‘I was dead for…’

Shreyas Talpade lived the most horrifying day of life when he suffered a massive cardiac arrest on 14 December 2023. Industry people, fans and well-wishers of Shreyas were shocked after hearing the unfortunate news.

The actor, after spending almost a week in hospital, was discharged. As of now, the doctors have advised Shreyas a complete six-week bed rest. The actor recently opened up about the unfortunate day and how he may not have survived if it had not been for his wife, Deepti.

Shreyas stated that on December 14th, 2023, he was filming for Akshay Kumar starrer Welcome to the Jungle. The shoot was action-packed, and during the final shot, he experienced breathlessness and weakness. Despite feeling fatigued from continuous shooting, the seasoned actor pushed through. However, as he headed towards his car after pack-up, he suddenly felt an intense pain in his left arm, which immediately alerted him that something was wrong. With a clear head, he wisely decided to visit his wife first before going directly to the hospital. Unfortunately, before they could reach the hospital, he suddenly felt numbness in his face, which caused him to faint.

Shreyas said that clinically, he was dead when he reached the hospital. He said that his heart stopped working for a few minutes, and the doctors revived him by doing CPR and electric shock. The actor stated that he fully credits his wife, Deepti, for his second chance at life. The actor mentioned that he is alive only because Deepti hurried and used her presence of mind in the tiresome situation. Sharing a heart-warming moment, the Makdee actor recalled that once he gained consciousness, he smiled at the medical staff and apologised to his wife, Deepti, for putting her through such a sad incident. The actor urges people to be very careful of their health and that no one should ignore even a minor warning that their body gives.

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