Team India Legends defeated Srilanka Legends in the finale of Road Safety World Series – Season 2

Team India Legends owner Ms. Nikii Daas, jumped for joy, as her team bowled over and took the last wicket, paving their way to another victory in a row. They carved their name on the winner’s trophy, once again, in the second season of Road Safety World Series

All praise and applause for Team India Legends, bowled in from every corner

Team India Legends, led by the all time great – Sachin Tendulkar, did a super good, run away with the Winners Trophy ! What a match, one could not have missed it, Though we must confess, that the semi final match was even more exciting, which was a good lead, to this exceptional skill and super performance, in the finale of Road Safety World Series, season two.

The high octane, blockbuster match, between India Legends and Srilanka Legends, had the viewers glued right from the toss. The entire team of India Legends displayed a commendable game. What a cherry on the cake! the well played match, with the winners trophy in hand.

Ms. Nikii Daas says “I am overjoyed. The team played exceptionally well on the pitch. Each player’s performance was applause worthy. I would like to congratulate the entire team on this historic win”

The aim of the Road Safety World Series is to drive social change in the country and change people’s outlook towards road safety. As cricket is the most followed sport in the country and cricketers are looked upon as idols by many, this League will work as an ideal platform to influence and change people’s mindset towards their behaviour on the roads.

WHY ROAD SAFETY? Every year India loses a largely decent sized percentage of people compared to European nations on the roads. An approximate statistic says that – In India, one person dies every four minutes. Out of every hundred people dying in the world, 30 are Indians. It is more alarming that as per the World Research Institute, it was observed that by 2025, the death toll in road accidents every year will rise up to 2.2 million and 50 per cent will be Indians.

Every year around 150000 people are killed and more than 450000 people are critically injured in our country in road accidents.

Drive safe, and go batting, through miles with smiles. Cheers! Enjoy Cricket! Enjoy driving! Enjoy life!

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