The Muhurta of the film Luck Marriage and Hamar Bhole Piya concluded

Bhojpuri films Luck Marriage and Hamar Bhole Piya, which are going to be produced under the banner of Akarsh Enterprises, concluded with a puja at a studio in Mumbai yesterday.

During the Muhurta, many dignitaries from the film world were present there and everyone wished them all the best for the success of the film.

Producer Sushil Kumar Srivastava and Director James Parker told about the film that as the title of both our films Luck Marriage and Hamar Bhole Piya is family and social, so will our film.
He did not reveal the story of both the films yet, but told so much as a hint that till now you people have heard and seen love marriage but in my film Luck Marriage a unique clean story will be seen and the other film Hamar Bhole Told about the story of Piya that as the title of the film is Hamar Bhole Piya, similarly our film’s Bholi Bhaali Pyari is the story of a village society in which the love of husband, wife and their family life i.e. a full family drama based film will be there.
Tell me, the song, music is a big part of every film, the songs of both these films are almost complete, which is very clean and very melodious, hope you all will like it very much after listening.
The shooting of the film will be done next month at the idyllic places of Uttar Pradesh.
The writer, producer is Sushil Kumar Srivastava, co-produced by Akanksha Srivastava and directed by James Parker. Music is given by Dinesh Yadav Lyrics written by Rajesh Mishra Shekhar Madhur. The beautiful songs have been sung by Alok Kumar, Mohan Rathor, Alka Jha, Khusbu Jain, Sugam Singh, Aarohi Bhardwaj, Rasheed Hussain. The promotion of the film is Sonu Yadav Ediflor.
The main lead actors in both the films have not been selected yet, the rest of the actors have been selected, out of which Anoop Arora, Girish Sharma, RK Goswami, Sudhir, Indrasen Yadav, DR Ravi Gupta, Himanshu Rajput Anjali Banerjee, Akarsh, Sunil Dutt Pandey, Shivbalak Verma, Sahil Sec, Vidya Singh, Priya Verma, Prem Pal, Singh Dileep.

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