When we meet again, I want answers to my questions as our unfinished story and some unanswered questions have ruptured my heart apart.

“I asked his name; he glanced at me sternly and responded uttering ‘Kaiff!’ When I asked the meaning of it, he looked into the sky and then valley. He jumped off!”

The moment I received my 1st copy, I was captivated by myself staring at it and felt that I had re-lived the entire story. My heart was flooded with fervor emotions of love, fear, romance, intimacy and desire.

Few years back when I try to recall my childhood, the memories were pleasant yet it’s blurred to remember them vividly; however, I strongly recollect my teenage days wherein I have done some obnoxious acts and those are the memories I don’t want to think about. My mind urges those events to let go but my heart feels delight to remember them. What an irony, isn’t it?

Later, when I decided to lock those memories in a closet, one word that gave me an usher of thunderbolt feeling was –“KAIFF”. Kaiff means ‘intoxication’, ‘madness’, craziness’, ‘passion’. And guess what? We all have such feelings deep inside our heart.

And somehow, I started inking down my journey with Kaiff.

I collected all those bitter-sweet recollections in my mind to write an exquisite romantic story out of what I had personally experienced, seen and felt. Just like a chef grinds all the spices together and then puts them on the back of the chicken soaked in curd, just like that. The only difference was that instead of chicken pieces in Kaiff, there were ‘Kaarthee’ and ‘Aayra’.

I have felt the feelings of love, passion, intimacy, desire, distance, and passion through these two characters. I would like my readers to be able to feel them similarly through their imaginations.

The story ignites when a small town boy named Kaarthee migrates to his city of dreams- Mumbai to feat his goals and thereafter, he travels to Bangalore for an enticing job. He signs an agreement that states specifically that no employee of this company will be involved in any sort of bickering situation and our protagonist does exactly that. He is in love with a girl within the company; her name is Aayra.

Eventually, their love grows so intense that they plan to get married. Meanwhile, their love is about to be tested. Aayra gets an interesting job opportunity in Goa which she couldn’t resist. Now my hero & heroine are in a long distance relationship. Aayra and Kaarthee travel back and forth to stay together, but destiny plays havoc with those hard-bound lovers. Aayra lost her job and Kaarthee being a supportive partner decides to take Aayra and move back to Mumbai and start fresh. They invest all their money and plan to buy a house but oh no wait, Aayra gets an offer from Dubai; her dream job which she was passionately waiting for.

Karthee wishes Aayra would stay with her forever and always, and Aayra is devoted to her dream career. Is Aayra heading to Dubai or not? And if yes, will she come back to Karthee? In this case, would Karthee give permission to her to travel to Dubai or not? And if yes, will he patiently wait for her arrival? To clear all these doubts, you’ll have to read the book.

As a result, the character Kaarthee feels like a reflection of myself; I feel like I know him since he is also a man like me with goals to achieve and a life to balance. When he sets out on a journey, he also finds love and then another task comes into his life. In order to carry this task along with him, he forgets to live in the present. He gets busy fulfilling his and his family’s dreams.

There is a story of his struggle. There is a story of breaking, shattering and reuniting after shattering. You will get the answers to all the questions, but after reading the story completely. As I pieced together the events of my life, I became more and more emotional and finally “Kaiff- the intoxicated soul” came into existence. I am enthralled to share my experience in this book with you all.

Travelling to different places to study or build a career has been a way of life for years, and we meet many different people along the way. Some people become loyal friends, some become lovers, and some become enemies. But I bet you, the person we fell in love with is difficult to forget! If you ever fell in love with someone like this, this book will refresh all those dusty memories. It’s time to ignite Kaiff once again. We all have it, let’s start expressing it.

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