XG’s HINATA releases vocal performance video covering Korean R&B singer, SOLE! The group also win a special award at MTV VMAJ 2022!

XG win MTV VMAJ award, release third vocal performance featuring Hinata.

XG win MTV VMAJ award, release third vocal performance featuring Hinata.

With their second single ‘MASCARA‘, XG made a huge impact, ranking number 1 on the iTunes chart in 17 countries and regions as well as on the Spotify ‘Viral50’ in 21 countries and regions.

Previously, XG released a vocal performance of Tori Kelly’s ‘NobodyLove’ by main vocalist CHISA and a vocal performance of Korean singer IU’s classic ‘이름에게 (Dear Name)’ by main vocalist JURIA. Their astonishing singing ability received worldwide acclaim.

Yesterday, the first solo vocal performance by HINATA was uploaded to XG’s YouTube channel. Hinata performs RIDE by Korean R&B singer SOLE (쏠) feat. THAMA with a uniquely soft and pure voice, The video shows HINATA performing in beautiful natural surroundings.

*Fans commented online: ‘I’m so happy to hear HINATA-chan’s singing voice for the first time! And she’s so cute!” ‘The song is fresh and cute, and she sings really well! ‘Cute, nice voice, love the way she sings!
‘️I’m so impressed by your clear, transparent voice, XG, you’re all too good!’
‘I didn’t know XG had been hiding such a secret weapon for over half a year!
‘You’re too good even though you’re not the main vocalist! Her voices are gentle, clear and soothing!”

Comments such as these have been pouring in from all over the world.

Additionally, at the ‘MTV VMAJ 2022’ music awards, it was announce that XG were to receive the ‘Rising Star Award’, given to artists tipped for greatness.

We cant wait to see how far XG will go.

HINATA from XG – Vocal Performance (RIDE)

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