Actress Aroma Sharma talks about enhancing her acting skills by performing several genres

Have you ever wondered why certain actors win our hearts easily and a few don’t? It’s because they keep surprising us with their new roles and avatars, proving their versatility. Actress and model Aroma Sharma agrees. The actress, too, wants to explore all genres and bring the best out of herself.

Aroma Sharma says, “I like acting and I do like playing roles of certain genres. However, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want to try other roles. It’s always said that we should always keep challenging ourselves for new roles. And I don’t want to play and get comfortable only in one genre. I wish to prove my versatility as an actor.”

Though the actress is soaking applause for her work in the industry, her journey to this fame wasn’t an easy one. However, after being a successful model, Aroma promptly started pursuing her career in acting. Her first music video, Tere Chale Aane Ke Baad, was a super hit and people loved Aroma Sharma’s charm and excellence since her first project.

The actress also talked about the story of the project. Aroma says, “Whether it’s a music video or a film, the story has always been important to me. I liked the story of Tere Chale Aane Ke Baad, so I decided to do it. I always want to know how influential my role is and how it will impact the audience.”

Aroma Sharma swayed us in one look! Didn’t she? The actress is now said to be preparing for two more music videos with renowned TV stars, and she is also ready to make her debut in the South Indian film industry. But before Aroma marked her foray into the film world, she had already tasted success and fame as a model. From walking the ramps for Pune Fashion Week, Tassels, Vero Moda, Archana Kochhar, and more, to representing India at Miss Friendship International 2019 in China, Aroma Sharma proved her talent. She has been a muse for several photographers and prominent brands.

We hope that the actress achieves all her future goals and stuns us with different movie characters. Aroma Sharma’s journey and thoughts have always been an inspiration!

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