Friendly Match organised by Padel Federation to promote Padel in India

12th October , 2022 in Mumbai:- Padel Federation is organising a friendly match to promote Padel in India which is second most popular game in Europe after Football. Francisco Perez Galisteo, Who is its owner and Founder of PadelGalis the largest manufacturer of Padel courts in the world is coming to attend this historic moment. Apart from him many other big names will be witness of this moment. Including legendary names like Raul Sahuquillo Caparros and Hugo Navalon Mora who have contributed a lot of this game. This Match will be held on 12th October at Celebration Club Mumbai at 7:30 p.m..

Padel Federation is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of Padel in India. It is formed by Padel enthusiasts, professional and Padel players from Spain and India, determined work together to create the perfect federation for our sport. So far the federation has launched its projects in three different cities in India which include Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. After this federation ready to launch project in other 22 cities in India.

The Management Committee of the Federation include Mr. Bakul Rajput who is President and Co-Founder, Mr Miquel Vidal (Vice President and Co-Founder), Mr. Vivek Pandoi (Treasurer), Mr. Samar Jeet Singh (Secretary), Ms Saray Miro (CMO).

Giving Information about this game, Bakul Rajput (President of Padel Tennis federation) says that :- “Padel is the fastest growing sport in the World . This is blend of two games Squash and Tennis. Our Organisation Padel Tennis Federation introduce this game in India. This federation is union between Indian sports lover which lead by me and group of Spanish people who are giving guidelines to the game including Coaching, running Training Academy etc. Our Federation in India is under the guardianship of our brand ambassador Fernando Belasteguin, who is 16 time world champion in Padel In the world championships.
Padel Tennis Federation is associated best brand like PadelGalis ,Sane and Wilson.
Padel is second most love game after football and its played almost 90 countries in world. I think it has very bright future in India and loved by all…

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