GV Prakash, NEJM and Surya Srini’s Musical Tribute to Chennai: ‘Namma Chennai Da’

Get ready to immerse yourself in the soulful melodies of the Saarang anthem, ‘Namma Chennai Da’. A song that celebrates the essence of life in Chennai in all its glory. The melodious voice of GV Prakash along with NEJM in Surya Srini composition create a beautiful tribute to the city and its people.

The song truly presents a wonderful picture of Chennai and captures the spirit of the city and its inhabitants from the bustling markets to its delectable cuisine, magnificent temples, serene beaches, and even the notorious heavy traffic.

The mesmerizing notes of the song will transport you to a world of nostalgia, where you can relive the fond memories of warm Chennai and its even warmer people. The heart-warming lyrics by Krithiga Seenuvasan and Surya S, including the uplifting line “We welcome all our guests and make them prosper”, will tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a newfound admiration for the city and its people.

GV Prakash, expressed his excitement on the release of “Namma Chennai Da” saying, “Celebrating the essence of Chennai through ‘Namma Chennai Da’ has been an incredible experience for me. As a singer, it was a privilege to lend my voice to a song that encapsulates the vibrancy, energy, and rawness of the city. The lyrics by Krithiga Seenuvasan and Surya S are nothing short of poetry, and the music by Surya Srini is truly mesmerizing. I am thrilled to share this anthem with the world and hope that it brings a sense of joy and nostalgia to everyone who listens to it.”

I feel extremely fortunate to have been a part of this musical journey that celebrates the spirit of Chennai. It was an enriching experience to work alongside GV Prakash and witness his passion and dedication towards creating this beautiful anthem. The music by Surya Srini is truly magical, and the lyrics by Krithiga Seenuvasan and Surya S are heartfelt and inspiring. I am excited for everyone to hear this song and feel the same sense of pride and nostalgia for Chennai that we felt while recording it.”, shared NEJM on the release of the track.

The composer of the track Surya Srini shared, “Creating the music for ‘Namma Chennai Da’ was a deeply personal and emotional experience for me. I wanted to capture the essence of Chennai and its people, and bring out the vibrancy and energy of the city through the music. Working alongside GV Prakash and the talented team of lyricists was an absolute joy, and I believe the final outcome is a beautiful tribute to this amazing city. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it and experience the magic of Chennai through our music.”

Join the celebration of the vibrant and dynamic city of Chennai with this anthem, ‘Namma Chennai Da’. Click on the link to watch the video and immerse yourself in the magic of Chennai!

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