K-pop star Karina is ‘sorry’ for her relationship with Lee Jae-Wook

Ask fans before you fall in love! Should celebrities have to get permission from their millions of fans before loving a person? The question was triggered in several minds after the news of K-pop singer Karina issuing an apology for being in love.

Karina, who is from a group called Aespa, recently made a public apology for dating. A few days back, the K-pop star’s relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook was made public. While some fans were happy for the singer. But, a section of her fanbase expressed shock, asking whether fans’ love is not enough for her.

After a huge backlash, Karina went on to apologise with a handwritten note. In a note shared on her Instagram which had 12.7 million followers, the Korean singer addressed the matter saying that she expressed her “sincere apologies” to those who are hurt.

“I’m fully aware of how much MYs (the name of the group’s fan club), who have supported me, would have been disappointed in me to think of all the stories that we shared together,” the letter said.

“I would like to make amends for the hurt that I caused to MYs. I have always been sincere to MYs and each and every one of you are so precious to me. Thank you for reading this short text, which is not enough to show you everything that I feel, and I promise to show you how I will work harder to not let you down,” she wrote.

Soon after her love affair was made public, netizens were quick to slam her decision to date so early in her career.

Crossing all length, some fans showed their anger outside the headquarters of Karina’s agency, as per the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

As per the Chosun newspaper, Fans carried the billboard, reading, “Do you not get enough love from your fans?”

“Please apologize directly. Otherwise, you’ll see declining album sales and empty concert seats,” it added.

The news of Karina and Lee’s relationship broke on February 27. Not choosing to hide, the couple confirmed their relationship revealing that they two had met last year.

In both South Korea and Japan’s entertainment industry, celebrities’ love lives are often considered a sensitive topic. Celebrities from both the K-pop and J-pop worlds have generally avoided making their personal affairs public, as it could potentially harm their career and reputations.

Years back, several K-pop and J-pop agencies enforced no-dating policies for their stars and didn’t even allow them to keep a personal phone. For example, Blackpink’s Jisoo’s relationship with actor Ahn Bo-hyun. BBC reported that the news of their dating rocked the K-pop world.

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