Pan India star Pooja Hegde reveals her love for Gujarati food.

Pan India star Pooja Hegde shows her foodie side in her recent Instagram story.

Pan India star Pooja Hegde, on Friday, interacted with her fans on social media where the fans quizzed the actor about her favorite food. Sharing a picture of the famous Gujarati dish Khandvi the actor pointed out how she loves Gujarati food, especially Khandvi and often prepares it at home too.

Pooja Hegde also revealed she learned to make Khandvi as her mother enjoys it too. The versatile actor also shared her fondness for curd rice, which she often enjoys along with some pickles, especially when she is tired or sick.

Recently, Pooja Hegde grabbed eyeballs with her dance moves in Billi Billi from Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. The electrifying chemistry between Pooja Hegde and Salman Khan is unmatched and the netizens can’t wait to watch the pair on the big screen.

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