Parass Saluja files-complaint after receiving threat from an anonymous email, Mumbai police investigate

Parass Saluja has received a threat via an email, following which Mumbai police have launched an investigation, after he filed a complaint at Oshiwara Police Station. The anonymous email was sent on Saluja’s personal email address. Parass said he has saved the email and relevant information and handed them over to the police.

“I saw the notification of the email on my home screen from a weird looking email address, I thought it was a spam email. I opened it to delete it but when I read the text I was shocked & scared. I immediately called my family & friends & showed the email text to them. They advised me to ignore it and that’s exactly what I did but after 2 days I received another email which was even more disturbing to read. I have no clue who is sending these emails to me. I have filed a complaint at the police station” says Parass

“I don’t know who has leaked my email address but this is scary. I have submitted all the data to the police. I hope they find the culprit”

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