Producer and Wafa Na Raas Aaye fame, Arushi Nishank celebrates eco- friendly Diwali with her family members at Uttarakhand.

Producer Arushi Nishank, gained popularity by the famous video Wafa Na Raas Aaye, celebrates Diwali with her near and dear ones at her home town in Uttarakhand.She loves this festival of lights as it signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.

Diwali for her personally means family time.During this festive season her family members make sure that they all come together as a family under one roof and celebrate it exactly like old times.

Arushi commented that, she loves the festive season Diwali.This season calls for an Indian outfit.Her love for Indian attire is not a secret.She was seen wearing a dark green velvet suit with golden and copper zardozi thread work on the day of Diwali.The statement earrings and the ring she chose truly completed her elegant ensemble.With the complete touch of bold lipstick, she adorned her hair in a graceful bun, accentuated with delicate roses that nestled at the base.

Arushi has a sweet tooth.She just can’t keep calm when there is so much to eat around her.The rich taste of Kaju Katli not only fills her stomach with its delectable sweetness but also fills her heart with the warmth of its indulgent flavour.

She loves to buy a piece of gold as a symbol of success and health on Dhanteras.Diwali shopping is not only about herself but also for the people around her.

Diwali reminds her of the simpler times with all her cousins around.She loves to adorn her home with soft glow of diyas, casting a warm ambiance that intertwines with the vibrant colours of fresh flowers.

Arushi agrees that Diwali celebrations often contribute to noise and air pollution.So, opting for an eco- friendly Diwali is a commendable choice.By minimizing environmental impact through sustainable practices, you not only celebrate the festival joyously but also contribute to a healthier planet.Choosing biodegradable decorations, eco- friendly packaging, and mindful celebrations reflect a commitment to both traditional and environmental responsibility.Arushi further states, starting at a personal level is the only way to go.

Arushi wishes all her fans a joyous and illuminating Diwali.

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