Producer Azam Khan to make Hindi album soon under TMG Films banner

Azam Khan, owner of TMG Films, is soon going to produce a Hindi music video.

His company TMG Films is working in the market since 2016. Very soon he is planning to make a Hindi music video with actor Ravi Yadav, popularly known as Chambal Boy. Tell that TMG has also organized many events and very soon TMG Films is going to make big level Bhojpuri films and songs too.

TMG owner Azam Khan says that our company is made to entertain the audience. We will entertain people with good films and good songs. TMG owner Azam Khan seeks support from the public.

It is noteworthy that nowadays music videos are being shot like a film song, which has a story, a concept. The album produced by Azam Khan is also going to be great, preparations are going on in full swing.

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