Shah Rukh Khan and Thalapathy Vijay to share screen in Atlee’s next film

Renowned director Atlee, celebrated for his success with “Jawan,” has thrilled fans with a major revelation at a recent award show in Chennai.

At the event, he shared plans for his upcoming project, a film that will bring together two of India’s cinematic giants – Shah Rukh Khan and Thalapathy Vijay. A video capturing Atlee’s announcement has gone viral, sparking excitement among fans eager to witness these two icons share the screen.

Having made his Bollywood debut with “Jawan,” a blockbuster starring Shah Rukh Khan, Atlee’s stature in the industry soared, and the film emerged as one of the highest-grossing in 2023. Following this success, Atlee had hinted in multiple interviews about the possibility of bringing Shah Rukh Khan and Thalapathy Vijay together for a film.

During the Chennai award show on November 30, Atlee delighted the audience with his statement, “If you are asking about a film with Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay, I’m writing it.” The revelation triggered an eruption of joy from the crowd, with fans enthusiastically cheering for the director.

Earlier in the year, at the India Today Conclave Mumbai, Atlee expressed his desire to cast both SRK and Vijay in his next project. He shared, “I would pick both. I will like to do a Rs 3000 crore film next, and my budget will allow that. So definitely, I will pick both. One is like a wife and the other is like a mother. I can’t leave both. And be very precise, today what I am is because of Thalapathy Vijay. He has delivered back-to-back films for me. He really, really trusted me.”

In a November interview with a YouTube channel, Atlee disclosed details about a conversation between SRK and Vijay at his birthday party in Chennai. He recounted, “Shah Rukh sir told me if I ever have plans of directing a dual hero film, they both are ready for it. Vijay Anna also said, ‘Ama pa’. So, I am working on it. It could be my next film. I am working very hard to come up with a script for it. Let’s see.”

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