Sudhanshu Pandey on Independence day initiative on the set by Director’s Kut Production!

Sudhanshu Pandey who is playing Vanraj in the hit show Anupama is being loved by the masses and classes. He was amazed at the set décor when he entered he noticed the Independence day tribute for 75th year of independence which producer Rajan Shahi got done on all his shows. He says, “The independence day theme of  75th

Independence day with the motto of Ghar Ghar Tiranga Har Ghar Tiranga by the government is a fantastic initiative. The production house Directors Kut and Rajan Shahi have supported the initiative and have made an extra effort and the vibe on the set was very feel-good and patriotic. I feel proud to be an Indian” On being asked about the plan for this independence day he says, “It is a fantastic feeling. I have put flag at my home too. It is a positive feeling for the nation. We live in an independent country thanks to our freedom fighters as well as soldiers who are at the border. We are a progressive nation and have a lot to achieve in the coming years!

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