XG release 3rd episode in their documentary series, Xtra Xtra

The third episode of XG’s documentary series XTRA XTRA, which traces the girls’ journey to debut, was released on March 24.

This episode focuses on the Korean training camp which took place in 2018. In the episode, JURIA talks about her voracious “fighting spirit”, showing her strong desire to become a star and work towards achieving her goal.

XG’s producer, SIMON, expressed his thoughts towards XG’s CHISA, JURIA, and MAYA, in an interview in the episode. When asked how he feels about their collaboration, he said, “I am overwhelmed with emotion… I want you, the members, to remember not only the journey and those memories but also your initial aspirations, so that you will never forget.”

Through the training camp in Korea, 15 trainees were reduced to 11, and the countdown to the selection of the debut members begins. We can’t wait for the next episode to see what kind of trials and tribulations await the girls.

On May 21 (Japan time), XG performed for the first time at the “Head In The Clouds New York Music & Arts Festival,” a large-scale music festival created by 88rising and held at Forest Hills Stadium in New York City. They surprised the audience by performing two unreleased songs, thrilling the 15,000 strong New York audience. Fans who attended have expressed their feelings, with comments such as:
“After watching the documentary, seeing their live performance makes me feel a lot of emotions.”
There is a growing interest in understanding XG’s journey through “XTRA XTRA” which has allowed fans to enjoy their music from a fresh perspective.

XG will also perform at the “Head In The Clouds Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival” in Los Angeles on August 5-6. Keep watching for more surprises from XG at their next performance.

XG Documentary Series ‘XTRA XTRA’ EP X3

XG are a seven member HipHop/R&B girls group consisting of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA and COCONA.

On March 18 2022, they will become the first artists to debut from XGALX, a global entertainment production company with a mission to produce artists with a defined world view, creating a culture of “bold” creativity. The group’s name, “XG”, stands for “Xtraordinary Girls”. With their fresh, inventive music and performance, XG aims to empower young people from all over the world – from all walks of life.

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