Gashmeer Mahajani to play the role of a dashing and brave cop in “Chhori 2”

Gashmeer Mahajani to play the role of a dashing and brave cop in “Chhori 2”

Gashmeer Mahajani to be sharing the screen space with Nushrratt Bharuccha in “Chhori 2”

The famous director Vishal Furia, who has directed the super hit movie “Chhori” which was released on the OTT platform in the year 2021, approached Gashmeer Mahajani for an exclusive role in the sequel “Chhori 2” Gashmeer and Vishal had already done a television series for Discovery and were looking for a collaboration where the character could justify Gashmeer’s role or vice versa.So, in “Chhori 2” when the role was created and the team approached Gashmeer and when he heard the name of the director Vishal he immediately agreed to do the role.

Gashmeer Mahajani to play the role of a dashing and brave cop in “Chhori 2”

The famous film that left Mahajani bold in the horror genre was Marathi movie “Lappa Chhupi” which was released in 2016 and then “Chhori” which was released in 2021, which is the Hindi remake of “Lappa Chhupi”. The movie “Chhori 2” primarily is a woman oriented film and goes on with a point of view of a girl but, from the perspective of a male character in the other half of the movie, is the character who supports her and the role is played by Mahajani.The role has lot of action, adventure and intrigue to it. The character has certain layers which Gashmeer feels he can very well play as an actor.This character really created excitement and was not a part of the prequel “Chhori” but has been planted now in “Chhori 2”. Mahajani said,he is glad working with the main lead of the movie Nushrratt Bharuccha and she is a sweet and professional girl to work with. The movie “Chhori 2” will go on platforms soon and Gashmeer will not only shoot for this movie but simultaneously will also shoot for a show with Colors too. The dates are very well worked out and managed by the team of the movie.
Mahajani mentions ” It will be a Marathon shoot for him to juggle between different upcoming projects and he will be busy hopping from Film City to Filmistan and from Filmistan to Film City.” He feels it will be good fun to play this role and this is what an actor lives for where he looks forward to having continuous work, good work, interesting work and diverse roles. There was only one look test done for this movie.
Mahajani as an actor always wanted to collaborate with the director, Vishal. The role and script was not read by Mahajani but was just explained to him in one line in about 10 minutes and he decided to do the role as he had blind faith in Vishal.The costume trial was done and the hair needed to be styled for the role as Mahajani will be playing the character of a cop.The director was quite clear about the character and knew what was expected from the role. Mahajani’s all time favorite horror genre movies from Bollywood are “Raat” directed by Ram Gopal Verma as well as “Lappa Chappi” and “Chhori” both directed by Vishal Furia. From Hollywood, he likes “The Conjuring” and “Orphan” from the latest lot of horror genre though “Orphan” is not horror but has a horrific feel to it.So, these flicks are few of his favorites.

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