Rajni katiyar, born and brought up in various parts of the country however maximum of her childhood she spent in Lucknow where her father was posted and settled after his retirement

She is an Army Daughter who had learnt to survive in all conditions and changed environment। She did her schooling from APS and then continued her academic learning from Lucknow University and Dance, drama and theatre from Bhatkhande University now। She during her studies performed in many events and also been a dance trainer at esteemed institutes of lucknow as extra curricular commitments।

She after graduating in academics and dance form Bharatnatyam pursued her dream and landed in one of the renowned institutes of media curriculum to gain knowledge and profeciency in field of entertainment industry while learning she had an opportunity to work along with renowned theatre artist Satish Anand। She learnt the basics of theatre and acting under stalwarts like him and then turned her focus towards the dreamland of any creative personality Mumbai। She started her career in acting with TV episodes, some TVC Ads and short films and regional films especially Rajasthani। She acted in Rajasthani movies like Thakurain and _।She also experienced working in other regional languages।

In 2015 partnered with Mr Shashank Kumar, Director of films, and established own production house namely Mermaid Studio। Shashank Kumar is an experienced director and producer who had worked with many stalwarts in field of direction including his mentor Shivam Nair। They being a hard task masters worked together in many projects and resulted in showcasing a movie Most Common Budbak in 2020 released Pan India by UFO moviez

Presently Rajni is involved in her home production project Acting ka Bhoot, shot in the hustle bustle of Lucknow, working oposite to Aham Sharma and other renowned actors of industry like Liliput, JaiNeeraj Rajpurohit, Ishtiyak Khan, Sanand Verma, Anil Rastogi, Mushtaq Khan, Sharad Vyas, Nawal Shukla and many others। She is busy in completion of movie। Rajni being a multifaceted enterprenuer after her part of acting is fully involved in post production part along with Shashank Kumar and his team। Mermaid Studio is planning to bring this movie very soon as it is on verge of completion। On asking Rajni says the acting in movies with so renowned artists is priviledge for her and there is a lot to learn from these actors who are worth tobe known as Encyclopedia of acting। She mentions they supported the complete team present at shooting and the experience is a memorabilia for years to come।

Rajni believes that OTT platform had given an opportunity to many directors to say their story in form of web series and given an opportunity to go into the depth of the subject portrayed। Web series is totally a different concept and she says that good web series contents if made in the form of movies may not have that impact what a webseries is। It is intriguing and sometimes binding the viewer tot he screen। Movie is a complete story told in 2hours where as webseries is generally of 6 to 8hours content।

She also mentions that the directors and producers has to be more sensible and humane towards the adolscents and teenagers as today the biggest onscreen consumers are these and the vulgarity and unethical contents created are not good for the environment because we as actors and flagbearers of film industry has to decide where our youth should go। Lastly I will say any content on any platform is good and has opened the opportunity for the small actors and now adays if we see the webseries done by less known actors or directors are doing well and getting recognition।

Rajni on asking a message for upcoming artist says it’s a open field where you have to perform and give your best to survive। It’s a place for people with passion and patience। It’s a place of struggle and sacrifices। It’s a place for creative people who can think beyond। I urge aspirations are good but should have patience and preserverance for your work। There are many examples in this industry। Her message to the upcoming actors is to be patient and focused towards the goal।

Lastly Rajni requests all the readers to support her upcoming movie and give love to her project which inspires her and team of Mermaid Studio to go beyond their own limitations for creativity।

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