THE RECORDERS First Look Unveiled by Padma Shri ANU JALOTA, Shubh Malhotra & Gaurav Rana Sukhija

Boogle Bollywood is excited to announce the launch of JIO News PresentsThe Recorders,” India’s First Singing Reality Show featuring original content. The first look of the show was unveiled today by the esteemed Padma Shri Anup Jalota Ji (Bhajan Samrat), Super Judge of  The Recorders, along with Shubh Malhotra, Producer, Founder & Director of Boogle Bollywood, and Gaurav Rana Sukhija.

The Recorders promises a unique experience, celebrating the incredible talent and creativity of aspiring singers. This groundbreaking show aims to provide a platform for talented individuals to shine and showcase their originality. Renowned judges, a competitive format, and a substantial fan following make The Recorders a significant platform for aspiring singers in India.

Padma Shri Anup Jalota Ji, known as the Bhajan Samrat, expressed his excitement about being the Super Judge of the show. Shubh Malhotra and Gaurav Rana Sukhija, key figures in the entertainment industry, released the first look, signaling the beginning of an extraordinary musical journey.

The Recorders is set to redefine reality singing competitions with its fresh and exciting approach. Aspiring singers and music enthusiasts can anticipate witnessing the next generation of music superstars as they deliver magic through original music and unforgettable performances.

The show is brought to you by MB Broadcast & Shubh Media Entertainment, with Gaurav Rana Sukhija as the Director, and Mahi Singh & Shubh Malhotra as Producers. Vimal S Mishra serves as the Director of Photography, Sanjay Ranga as the Creative Producer, and Ajay Singh as the Executive Producer. Publicity for “The Recorders” is managed by Anand Patel of Season Media.

For more information and updates, follow “The Recorders” on Instagram: [The Recorders Instagram](

Get ready to witness the magic of original music and unforgettable performances!

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